Dr Harisha Karpath

Dr Harisha Karpath is a medical practitioner with a private practice in Ballito, KZN offering aesthetic procedures. With over 15 years of experience, she strives to provide a safe, holistic approach to her patients’ needs, incorporating the latest advances in aesthetic medicine by combining science and art.
She is a member of the AAMSSA (Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Society of South Africa). Dr Karpath attends numerous conferences to stay updated with the latest trends in general and aesthetic medicine.
“You cannot separate the two”, she says “as aesthetics is an extension of medicine. When treating a patient’s frown lines, you cannot ignore the suspicious lesion you noticed on the cheek, for instance.” Hence, patients’ wellbeing – both physical and mental – is the cornerstone of her treatment aims.
The confidence and boost in self worth gained by the patient – men and women – post-procedure is the greatest pleasure afforded to the aesthetic physician, making this field of medicine very enticing for her. Enhancing appearances is not the only gain but also enriching lives.